Manhattan’s Manic Style

Verve Magazine

An illustration for Verve magazine on an article about Manhattan’s Manic Style.

“In the city that never sleeps, fashion, too, has insomnia. Against the backdrop of Manhattan’s ever-changing skyline, fashion pulses, beats, morphs, and morphs again. Change is, of course, the very nature of fashion. So is hurrying up and hustling. It works in our favour, then, that we New Yorkers are also an impatient and solution-focused breed. Sure, some of us have or make time for a leisurely shop with a friend or alone on a stress-free afternoon, trying to gather a sense of where “style” is headed through actual fieldwork. But for many, the new fashion free-for-all has given rise to new, city-specific practices. Homo sapiens newyorkus is a remarkable adaptive and flexible species whose fashion strategies warrant careful observation.”